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Artificial intelligence for marketing planning

Posted by OpenAI Maryna Burushkina | January 21, 2021

Marketing Technology industry has been growing for the past decade, having thousands of tools in its ecosystem. Yet, most of them are still focusing on project management, templates, and reporting.

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2019): Martech 5000 (actually 7,040)

So how about Artificial Intelligence?

A survey of more than 1,200 senior marketers at companies in the U.S. and Europe shared the following findings:

“Marketers don’t have the technology they need to take full advantage of their data assets,” said Andrew Karpie, executive vice president of corporate strategy and global marketing at SAS. “While AI holds great promise, marketers are also concerned about the potential for bias with machine learning and the lack of standards in the field.”

The survey found that nearly half of marketers believe that AI is the most promising technology for improving marketing performance. However, marketers are not yet making major investments in AI applications.

56% of marketers said in the study that they use no AI tools at all, and only about 1/3 said they had made a significant investment in AI.

“Marketers want to take advantage of AI but aren’t ready to invest in the technology,” said Steve King, chief marketing and innovation officer at SAS. “This is a familiar scenario for us. It happens every time a new technology comes along. It happened with mobile and it happened with social, and now it’s happening with AI.”

The new study also found that marketers are seeking guidance on how to achieve higher levels of maturity in their AI investments.

How is Growth Channel applying artificial intelligence to generate personalized marketing plans for businesses?

That is another question that we are often asked - how can a robot generate a strategy for my business? Here is an infographic explaining the process:

How Growth Channel works

You might be wondering, what on Earth is GPT-3?! It's the latest AI technology by OpenAI, and at Growth Channel, we have embedded it into various write-ups generated inside the growth plans. By the way, the whole intro text above was written by an AI too! Could you see a difference?

Watch our interview with Michael Devellano, Author and Founder of Automate & Grow, about how companies can be using AI to build a growth marketing channel

Are you applying AI in your marketing operations? Tell us on Twitter @Gr0wthChannel 🙌

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