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You don't need to be a marketing expert to get a solid plan in place. Growth Channel guides you through every step of the process, setting you up for rapid business growth from the start.

Growth Channel identifies the best growth strategy for you and your clients, automates tedious market research, and helps you save time for strategy and creative tasks, all at a fraction of the cost.

Make better business decisions with data-driven marketing intelligence. Growth Channel AI builds comprehensive marketing plans, so your team can focus on the strategy and creative work.

Personalized marketing plans that drive results

Set the right strategy from the start

Eliminate guesswork, long research hours, and expensive outsourcing costs by letting Growth Channel AI build a data-driven marketing plan for you.

Define your buyer personas

Growth Channel AI identifies your ideal customer, what content they're most interested in, and where to connect with them.

Analyze the market

Get insight into the industry landscape, anticipate trends, and see how you can better position your business to compete.

Build a plan for each step of the customer journey

Map your customer decision journey and identify the best marketing tactics for each stage of the funnel.

Access marketing resources library

Get access to the Growth Library and improve your marketing efforts with marketing resources, tools, agencies, case studies, best practices, templates, and reports.

Adopt growth hacking mindset 

Every element of Growth Channel is powered with growth hacking methodology, so you can optimize your performance for the best results.

Plan high converting
marketing campaigns

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Discover best performing marketing strategies

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Here's what our customers say about Growth Channel

"The Growth Channel marketing ideas were great! It gave us a bunch of new ideas to grow Taskable and validated a few of our current strategies."

George H. Lewis
Co-founder at Taskable

"We are thrilled to have such a cumulative overview of our marketing opportunities to help us create a more directed strategy. This is a wonderful tool and the price makes it easy to run for every part of the funnel and to understand multiple markets. Highly recommended!"

George H. Lewis
CEO at MOD Tech Labs

"Comprehensive and a huge time saver. The company saved us months of time in market research. It doesn't matter where you're from or where the market is, they will easily track down all info and present it to you in the way you can understand! Love these guys. It's one of those companies you knew you always wanted but didn't know existed."

George H. Lewis

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