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Ramli John
Managing Director at ProductLed

“I love David Spinks' definition of what a community is: It’s ‘collective human empowerment.’
That’s how you build a community and keep people engaged. Find ways to empower your audience and help them empower others!”


Deb Mitchell
Community Manager at Agorapulse

"People want to support your business and building a community is a great way to give them a place where they can hear from you directly. You’ll find they love the access to ask you questions about your service or product.”


Natalie Luneva
Co-founder of Outranking.io

"Competitors can steal your features, marketing campaigns, copy, even entire websites, but they can’t steal your community."

Learn how to delight your customers and increase brand loyalty

Community marketing offers brands a unique and fun way to nurture lifelong loyal customers and generate positive word of mouth. Communities offer numerous benefits for both businesses and consumers, and this guide will show you how to take advantage of everything they have to offer. With actionable insights and advice from successful community managers, you’ll be ready to build your own brand community in no time!

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