Reach the right audience every time

Create audiences based on granular demographic and psychographic attributes, remarket based on specific consumer behaviors, or build your own custom audience

  • 150,000+ built-in audience segments
  • 50+ audience data providers
  • Sync personas from your growth plan
  • Create custom audiences from online and offline sources
  • Serve ads across 150+ exchanges

Every ad format, all in one location

Launch and track omnichannel campaigns across premium platforms, websites, apps, and devices, all from one centralized location.

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Automate your media buying tasks so you can focus on strategy and optimization


Increase your campaign’s scale and precision with our trusted partners network


Optimize your campaigns in real-time using artificial intelligence

Powerful use cases

Retarget offline location visits

Connect your brand with real customers who visit competitor locations, attend industry events, or work from target office locations. Not just geofencing but also historical data.

Explore groups with intent

Identify customer segments who fit your persona profile and have already shown intent for purchase (i.e. exploring car insurance options or looking to buy a house) with 177k+ built-in segments.

Convert B2B customers

Go beyond LinkedIn and reach your target audiences anywhere they are with the same powerful B2B prospect targeting options across the premium channels.

Retarget niche CRM segments

Social media and search often limit minimum retargeting segment to 1000 records, but it doesn't have to be this way with Growth Channel. Retarget your niche groups with personalised messaging, whatever the size or channel.

Get in front of the enterprises

Run niche prospecting and retargeting campaigns to target accounts across TV, digital billboards, tier 1 media, and audio at a fraction of the cost with no minimums.

Identify your growth channel

Not sure what channel might be the best for your growth? You can target your audiences anywhere they go as long as you have the creatives matching the placement. This way you can test multiple channels and optimize for your goals as you go along.

Better advertising results in less time

  • No Contracts

  • No Minimum Ad Spend

  • Omnichannel Reach and Scale

  • AI Campaign Optimization

    Custom audiences & retargeting

  • Geofencing

    Always On-Brand

  • Privacy and Fraud Protection

  • 24/7 Access to Powerful Reporting

  • All In Your Growth Channel Dashboard

From customers

Happy Customers

"We were using other DSPs before Growth Channel and it has replaced them all. Native integrations with 3rd party providers means that I no longer have to source that additional data myself, so we can get campaigns launched 3-5 days quicker."

Brent Bouldin
Partner & Co-Founder at New Media Advisors

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