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You don't need to be a marketing expert to get a solid go to market strategy. Growth Channel guides you through every step of the process, setting you up for rapid business growth from the start.

Growth Channel AI helps you identify the best growth strategies, automate tedious market research, and discover best audiences, channels, and content opportunities, all at a fraction of the cost.

Make better business decisions with data-driven marketing intelligence. Growth Channel AI will identify your buyer personas, map customer decision journey, and manage your omnichannel campaigns.


Get a clear go-to-market strategy

Growth Channel AI generates a personalized marketing plan with market analysis, customer profile segments, and data-driven growth strategies to reach marketing ROI.

Your marketing playbook:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Website audit
  • Customer profile segments (personas)
  • Content opportunities
  • Personalized growth opportunities
  • Marketing analytics & KPI tracking
  • More about Growth Plan

Automate your advertising campaigns

With Growth Channel Activate, you can launch, manage, and optimize omnichannel campaigns across Web Display, Mobile, Video, Social, Connected TV, Digital Out-Of-Home, and Audio networks.

Get full control of your campaigns:

  • 150,000+ built-in audience segments
  • 50+ audience data providers
  • Create custom audiences from online and offline sources
  • Serve ads across 150+ exchanges
  • Privacy and Fraud Protection
  • 24/7 Access to Powerful Reporting
  • AI Campaign Optimization
  • More about Growth Channel Activate
Personalized Growth Tactics

Identify growth opportunities for your business using micro-segmentation.

Interactive Persona Builder

Create ideal customer profiles using data analytics and built-in templates.

Smart Notifications

Get alerts on new marketing trends and growth opportunities.

AI Content Writer

Produce more content faster and get creative inspiration for your next campaign.

Growth Library

Access best marketing resources from Growth Channel trusted partners.

Growth Community

Exchange ideas, network, and learn growth marketing from our peer network.

Website audit

Analyze your website performance and SEO with clear optimization steps.

Competitor analytics

Identify your competitors' online marketing strategy in a snapshot.

Activate DSP

Launch, manage, and optimize your digital ads across premium channels.

White Label

White label of marketing plans available for agencies, consultants, and other resellers.

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"The Growth Channel marketing ideas were great! It gave us a bunch of new ideas to grow Taskable and validated a few of our current strategies."

George H. Lewis
Co-founder at Taskable

"We are thrilled to have such a cumulative overview of our marketing opportunities to help us create a more directed strategy. This is a wonderful tool and the price makes it easy to run for every part of the funnel and to understand multiple markets. Highly recommended!"

George H. Lewis
CEO at MOD Tech Labs

"Comprehensive and a huge time saver. The company saved us months of time in market research. It doesn't matter where you're from or where the market is, they will easily track down all info and present it to you in the way you can understand! Love these guys. It's one of those companies you knew you always wanted but didn't know existed."

George H. Lewis

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