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Whether you're acquiring your first 100 users, 1000 loyal customers or beyond, Growth Channel AI will generate a personalized growth strategy to get you to each milepost.

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No more guesswork, long experiments, or outsourcing costs. Our intelligent custom strategies are proven to deliver the best outcomes from the start.

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Here's what our startup Membership plan has to offer:

Personalized Growth Tactics

Identify growth opportunities for your business using micro-segmentation.

Interactive Persona Builder

Create ideal customer profiles using data analytics and built-in templates.

Smart Notifications

Get alerts on new marketing trends and growth opportunities.

AI Content Writer

Produce more content faster and get creative inspiration for your next campaign.

Growth Library

Access best marketing resources from Growth Channel trusted partners.

Growth Community

Exchange ideas, network, and learn growth marketing from our peer network.

Website audit

Analyze your website performance and SEO with clear optimization steps.

Competitor analytics

Identify your competitors' online marketing strategy in a snapshot.

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"The Growth Channel marketing ideas were great! It gave us a bunch of new ideas to grow Taskable and validated a few of our current strategies."

George H. Lewis
Co-founder at Taskable

"We are thrilled to have such a cumulative overview of our marketing opportunities to help us create a more directed strategy. This is a wonderful tool and the price makes it easy to run for every part of the funnel and to understand multiple markets. Highly recommended!"

George H. Lewis
CEO at MOD Tech Labs

"Comprehensive and a huge time saver. The company saved us months of time in market research. It doesn't matter where you're from or where the market is, they will easily track down all info and present it to you in the way you can understand! Love these guys. It's one of those companies you knew you always wanted but didn't know existed."

George H. Lewis

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  • Full marketing plans as add-ons
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Here are some things we're commonly asked

What does a full marketing plan look like?

Our marketing plans cover everything from competitive analysis, your website audit, down to generating your personas, their customer journeys, giving you campaign considerations, suggested timeline for implementation, resources for execution, benchmark KPIs and budget allocation suggestions. Learn more about the marketing plans here.

What your marketing plans plans DON’T cover?

Our current data sets cover mostly English speaking target countries, specifically Global focus, United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Cyprus. With respect to the industries, we cover most of the sectors but have limitations in government and religious organizations. We are adding more and more micro-segments every day, so you can still submit your request, and we will prioritize your micro-segment next in our R&D efforts.

What is a buffer period to receive the marketing plan?

Once your marketing plan is submitted, it goes into the simulation where different personas and growth marketing strategies are being tested in a virtual environment. Depending on the number of requests at a given time period, as well as your submission brief, you may receive your plan faster or later within an average of 48 hours to 2 weeks. Learn more about how it works.

What do I do after I get the marketing plan?

Start by reviewing the details of the report with your team, and identify any questions you may have. 
Schedule a consultation with our Growth Consultant to get your questions answered and guide you through the execution.
Refer back to the Timeline section of the report to understand the priorities for each stage of your campaign development.

How can I track the progress of this marketing plan?

Connect your Google Analytics within Growth Channel dashboard and export your marketing plan roadmap into your Project Management (PM) tool. You can see the direct impact of your growth strategy within the Growth Channel dashboard and by comparing your Google Analytics reports with previous time periods.

Do I need to hire people to execute this strategy?

In most cases, you won’t need to hire any additional resources to execute upon the marketing plan delivered by Growth Channel, assuming you’re an early-stage startup. However, if you feel that you do not have the time to do the marketing for your company or your current team cannot support it, you may want to consider getting an operational team for that.

What tools do we need for executing this plan?

Once you receive the marketing plan, Growth Channel will have a section with recommended growth hacks, covering tools, and other resources to help you through the execution. You can also see the list of recommended resources in your Growth Channel account by logging in to your dashboard. To browse more tools and resources, you may refer to our (limited) public Growth Library.

Can I schedule additional consultations?

Yes, although additional consultation hours come at extra cost. You can book extra sessions with our Growth Consultants here.

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