Easy to run for every part of the funnel

"We are thrilled to have such a cumulative overview of our marketing opportunities to help use create a more directed strategy. This is a wonderful tool and the price makes it easy to run for every part of the funnel and to understand multiple markets. Highly recommended!"

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Get a clear go-to-market strategy

Growth Channel AI generates personalized growth marketing plans with customer profile segments, funnel simulator, and data-driven growth strategies to help your startup thrive.

Marketing plans include:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Website audit (SEO + conversion optimization)
  • Trend analysis
  • Customer profile segments (personas)
  • Customer journeys (marketing funnels)
  • KPI benchmarks
  • Budget allocation

Optimize your growth marketing on the fly

Get instant smart notifications whenever there's an anomaly in your marketing analytics, letting you know where the issue is coming from, and what are possible ways to solve it. No need to spend hours browsing around the analytics dashboard - we deliver the right data for you in seconds!


Access hundreds of growth tactics

Learn from other successful product and marketing experiments that can help you grow your own business.

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Personalized strategy

Personalize your growth marketing with our AI insights & recommendations. Just fill in a short survey, and Growth Channel will do the rest!

Progress tracking

Connect your analytics account and track progress of your KPIs, tasks and milestones. Never miss an optimization opportunity again!

"I was overwhelmed but in a good way! The Growth plan revealed a lot of what I should be doing and helped me think it through in a more organized way"


Co-founder at KTO Home


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Never miss a growth opportunity again.

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  • AI generated marketing plans as add-ons
  • AI content writer (coming soon)
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Optimize your marketing operations with the power of AI.

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