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Creative approach while relying on data and analytics

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2000+ happy clients with 70%+ increase in conversion

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Ongoing performance optimisation for ROI

How we help

Growth Channel is your go-to marketing partner when it comes to industry expertise. Our platform and a team of experts will cover your NFT marketing research, strategy, planning, industry leads, and digital advertising activities.

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Growth marketing plan

Competitor analysis, website audit,
identifying ideal customer profiles, influencers, best publisher sites, podcasts, events, and communities.

Industry leads

Contact identification of people visiting your website (but not yet converting) as well as past industry event attendees. Available to USA only.

Digital advertising

Launch omnichannel ad campaigns across programmatic display, native channels, audio, video, and mobile with access to 150+ channels from a single dashboard.

Why is NFT marketing important?

An NFT is a digital certificate of ownership for a one-of-a-kind asset that cannot be interchanged with another item. NFTs can be sold and traded online and are maintained and protected in a digital ledger, known as a blockchain. Examples of NFTs include photos, videos, digital artwork, and Tweets.

NFT’s are more popular than ever before, and if you want the highest bids, you’ll need a comprehensive NFT marketing strategy to promote your work and generate buzz around your projects. Growth Channel creates affordable marketing plans based on micro-segments with the highest probability of driving growth for your NFT launches and overall NFT marketing strategy.



Set the right strategy from the start

Eliminate guesswork, long research hours, and expensive outsourcing costs. Growth Channel gathers data from hundreds of sources and simulates thousands of different marketing strategies, presenting the plan with the highest growth potential for your business.


Understand your ideal customer and where to reach them

Deliver your NFT to the right people, on the right platform, at the right time. Growth Channel determines your personas, including their pain points, goals, and decision criteria, and uses these insights to build a targeted campaign. You’ll learn how your customers move through the customer journey, what channels they use, the content they like to consume, and the best ways to interact with them.



Optimize your NFT marketing strategy for success

Easily implement proven growth strategies. Growth Channel plans offer personalized growth tactics and unique campaign ideas to build your NFT community and get them talking about your projects.


Get brand visibility on premium sites

With banners, videos, and native ad placements


Deliver your brand message on leading podcasts

From Spotify to Pandora & more ...


Tap into the real (offline) world

Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) placements in top locations and where your audience is most present (office buildings, billboards)

Happy customers

Happy Customers

"We were using a couple of other DSPs before we started using Growth Channel and it has replaced them all. Native integrations with 3rd party providers means that I no longer have to source that additional data myself, so we can get campaigns launched much quicker."

Brent Bouldin
Partner & Co-Founder at New Media Advisors

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Make your marketing go viral with Growth Channel AI

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The ultimate guide to NFT marketing + case studies

If you want your NFT to be as successful as possible, you need to get into the mind of an NFT bidder or buyer, and determine how they move through the buyer’s journey, what channels they use, the content they like to consume, and the best ways to interact with them.

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NFT Marketing Solutions from Growth Channel

Growth Channel helps businesses plan, launch, and optimize their digital campaigns across 150+ channels from a single dashboard. Our team has worked with 2000+ businesses to help them succeed. See how we can help your project go viral, sell out, and stay on top of the market.

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Guide to Community Marketing

Communities are a great strategy to attract new leads and turn customers into loyal brand advocates. But why is community marketing important, and how exactly can you build, monitor, and manage a community for your business?

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