Fully customizable checklist

  • Pre-filled marketing promotion campaign for startup growth

  • Tasks split by priorities in timeline

  • Each main task holds its own checklist

  • Further filter tasks by impact and required effort 

  • Integrate your Taskable dashboard with Slack, Gmail & Asana to get more done, faster!

  • Automatically prioritize your tasks with preset rules

  • Get a more specific setup with Growth Channel personalized marketing plan 

Here's how to get it set up

Few steps to ✅ as prerequisites. Then going full speed on startup growth journey!


Register with Taskable

Use this link to register for your Taskable account. You won't be able to access the guide outside of Taskable dashboard.


Add the guide

You can add and switch between different spaces in Taskable Dashboard. Here is a link to add our Startup Growth Checklist in your list of Spaces.



You can personalise any part of your growth strategy. To do that, request your marketing plan  with Growth Channel.

or generate my own personalized marketing plan